4 tips to selecting keywords

Keywords or keyword phrases are the terms that a potential customer uses on a search engine to look for a product or server that a web site provides. There are a multitude of factors that should influence how you decide upon your most appropriate and effective keywords.  Here are 4 are tips for choosing the right keywords.

1. Take a look at your competitors. Research your competitors’ meta tags and see what they are using as keywords. Then make a determination if any of these will work for you.

2. Be your own customer. Write down the categories of your business and the terms or phrases that describe your products or services. Include in this list how your customers would define your services as well.

3. Be Specific. When selecting your keywords, try to be specific; instead of using “tv’s” use “LED TV’s”.  More general terms are usually more highly saturated by others SEO tactics. Being specific with your keywords helps separate your company from the crowd.

4. Research your keywords with keyword tools. There are plenty of free and paid for tools online to help anyone with SEO goals. Google provides a free keyword tool that will allow you to identify which keywords are being heavily searched in your area.  Use these services.


Jake is our resident Google-ologist. His obsession with data crunching makes him a natural fit at Novo. He holds an associates degree in Information Technology and is currently pursuing a Project Management certification. When he’s not reading up on the many changes Google throws his way, you’ll find him studying different project management and execution strategies. Away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, heading to the beach, and playing softball.

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