Joining the conversation!

Join in on the conversation!

Creating a thriving user environment will boost your web visibility. Many times you’ll notice that when you visit very well designed and positioned sites they will have places for customers to interact about products and experiences.

Allowing Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Four Square to interact with your website will help your visibility. When your users are happy with your company and your product many times they will respond by “liking” your business or by speaking highly of it through the media platform. Search engines look very highly on this and will help boost your web presence.  Many consumers in this market also really heavily on referrals and user reviews.  By leveraging this within your SEO strategies you are able to accomplish two things:

1) Increase your web visibility, and

2) Foster a business that provides customer connection.

With the Holidays in full swing, this may be the perfect time to get your customers full of that holiday cheer and remembering your site!


Jake is our resident Google-ologist. His obsession with data crunching makes him a natural fit at Novo. He holds an associates degree in Information Technology and is currently pursuing a Project Management certification. When he’s not reading up on the many changes Google throws his way, you’ll find him studying different project management and execution strategies. Away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, heading to the beach, and playing softball.

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