LinkedIn- 3 steps to improving your value

So much of our culture is surrounded in social media hype, from the rise of MySpace to a billion dollar Facebook network. Many of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon only to be stuck with occasional status updates and rather stale conversations. Many of us may not even see the advantage to being involved in so many different networking options.

How do I create value in social networking and how can I take advantage of these opportunities?

Today I want to focus on one platform- LinkedIn, and steps you can take to improve your value.

  • 1: Be clear and concise

LinkedIn is not another Facebook or Twitter where writing novels about what you enjoy and what you are currently doing is acceptable. When it comes to the content you place on LinkedIn remember who is viewing your profile: potential employers and your professional peers. Starting with your summary through your job history, be clear and concise about what you do, or did, where you are headed, and what value you add to your industry.


            2: Dress for the job you want to have

How does this apply to your LinkedIn account? Simply put, how do you portray yourself?

“The best job opportunities often appear when you aren’t looking for them. Recruiters look for both passive and active candidates and may be looking for someone like you.”

-          Patrick Neeman (Director of User Experience with Jobvite.)

Information on your account should always be accurate and relevant. Whether you are looking for a new career or not, your content will affect visibility and value. Aim for the job you want to have in your job descriptions and skills. Comprise a list of key words potential employers would be looking for and use them throughout your summary. Optimize the URL LinkedIn gives you. Take out the numbers and make it personal so you can be found by search engines.

         3:  Find purpose

LinkedIn is designed for connecting professionals both with each other and with prospective employers. Why are you involved in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows for personal development and growth. If you are looking for specific jobs, or future desired jobs, LinkedIn has excellent research tools. Type in positions you may be interested in and view profiles of those who are applying, or in, those positions. Use these profiles as an example for what you can add and what you can work towards.

Join groups that are related to your industry. Stay connected and build relationships with those who are in similar fields.

Take advantage of unique apps that allow for visibility including presentation sharing, travel plans, events, and more.

Remember that as with most social networking platforms you generally get out of it what you put into it. Consistently update and take advantage of the unique opportunities LinkedIn provides you with. Have fun improving your value!


A native born Minnesotan, Levi graduated from Northwestern College with a degree in Business Management. Levi spreads the word of what Novo can offer companies and keeps our sales pipeline full. We love working with Levi because he brings boundless energy to Novo. You’ll never meet anyone more passionate about business, problem solving and serving our clients than Levi. When he’s not working to delight new clients, you can find him traveling, riding his motorcycle, or enjoying the handful of nice Minnesota days playing some beach volleyball.

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