Meet our Team: Janna Beard

Name:  Janna S. BeardJanna Beard

Tell us what you’re busy doing at Novo? (explain that for those of us who don’t speak nerd):  clearing ambiguity, dotting i’s, crossing t’s

Describe Yourself Using One Word:  insightful

Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN

Family:  seriously great husband, highly likable kids, completely hopeless dogs

Hobbies/Interests:  walking hopeless dogs before dawn, writing, soccer, hiking, travel

Favorite Sports Team(s):  Sorry, I’m one of  “them”.

Famous Person You’d Like to Meet Ceasar Millan

Something You’d Like to Learn to Do:  scuba dive

Favorite Website:

Favorite Travel Destination:  hoping for Alaska next

Last “Gadget” You Purchased:   HP laptop for eleven year old – yikes

Favorite Book:  The Loop by Nicholas Evans

Favorite Food:  grilled asparagus

Favorite Movie:  The Kingdom of Heaven


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