Things you can do today to improve your search engine ranking

Before you hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant firm like Novo, there are things you yourself can do to genuinely improve your company’s SEO. Below, Maile Ohye from Google offers solid start-up advise in one powerful 10-minute shot.  This invaluable information will propel you through the starting gate and get you moving in the right direction.  Coming straight from “the horse’s mouth,” it will be well worth your ten minutes to watch!

Now, give us a call.  We’ll work with you to develop a fully customized SEO plan that gets you ranked higher right out of that gate and that yields ongoing and measurable results in this fast-paced race!



Isaac founded Novo in 2004 while still in high school, though this was hardly his first business venture. He started his first “business” in 7th grade, buying Laffy Taffy’s for 10 cents at the corner store near his house and selling them to kids on the bus for a quarter. He still loves a good Laffy Taffy now and then (cherry please). Isaac earned a Bachelors degree in Business with concentrations in Marketing and Economics in 2009.When he’s not staring at a computer screen, Isaac is most likely talking about computers, awesome UX design (he’s a nerd through and through), or encouraging a friend to pursue a business idea or Kickstarter project.

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